Laboratory and Healthcare Projects

Probably the most critical mechanical and electrical systems are those for laboratory and healthcare buildings. Safety, comfort, reliability, operating costs, pathogen and fume control, and legislative requirements are just a few of the many criteria demanding the engineer’s attention.

UICUIC Molecular Biology Laboratory

  • 200,000 SF research facility
  • 2850 ton R-22 centrifugal chilled water plant
  • 55 million BTU heating plant
  • High, medium, and low pressure steam systems
  • Variable volume heating hot water
  • Radiant panel heating
  • Clean steam
  • Lab-grade ventilation and exhaust
  • Perchloric acid, chemical, and radioisotope hood
  • exhaust
  • Animal holding room systems
  • Medical grade compressed air and vacuum systems
  • 12000 gpd RODI water system
  • Fire protection and ADA life safety systems
  • Double-ended and 4160V switchgear
  • 1500 KW emergency generator
  • Digital building automation

UIC Psych BuildingUIC School of Public Health and Psychiatric Institute

A 310,000 SF renovation of an 11-story IDPH building
400 ton direct fired gas absorption chillers
Radiant heating and cooling
Glycol loop heat rejection
Ozone water treatment
Air handlers with electronic and extended surface filtration systems
Fire pumps, sprinklers, ADA fire alarm system
Emergency generator
Digital control system

HospitalWest Suburban Hospital

This fast-track project required a new 6000 SF sterile storage area to be designed, built, and operational in 12 weeks.

A hospital-grade ventilation and exhaust system, electrical, and plumbing systems were all designed and constructed within the project timetable.

ArgonneArgonne National Laboratories

Over 40,000 SF of widely-varying projects from clean rooms to high security structures to close-tolerance HVAC systems.